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Blog: You like the pattern of marks on the back of the playing cards? If not, why dont you have a try of our luminous marked cards printer? 

With this marked cards printer, you can make marks on the plastic and the paper playing cards, and you can design the type of the marks you like. 

Like it? Why not take it

Blog: Our character or maybe we can say our habit is different. Some people like to try new things. Take luminous marked cards as an example. After trying the big font marks on the middle of the playing cards, they will try small font marks on the four corners, or they will buy the marked cards printer to design their own marks.
But some people will not try the new things, they think the things that they familiar give them the sense of security.
What about you? You like trying new things?

Blog: We have many customers who like marked cards sunglasses instead of infrared contact lenses, they think the infrared sunglasses is much safer and cheaper than the infrared contact lenses. 

Besides, the infrared sunglasses can be used for lifetime if you do not break it. 

The another reason is that the marked cards sunglasses also can see marks on the cards back very clearly.

Blog: If you are looking for invisible ink contact lenses and marked playing cards, would you buy a best one or a lower quality one? By the way, it is your first time to buy marked cards. 

To be honest, I suggest you to buy the better one. Although the cost is higher, the period of use is longer at the same time. That means the cost of the good quality and the low quality marked cards is similar. So why do not you enjoy the good one?

Blog: People always consider bread and love, which is more important? But I do not understand why we have to choose one? Bread is as important as love. They both important!!  

It is just like if someone ask you poker scanning camera and poker analyzer, which is more important, how would you answer?Can I say they must use together so that they can work?