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We process original Bicycle cards imported from USA to be our Bicycle Marked Cards. So it's unnecessary to worry about the quality matter. With our special invisible ink and sophisticated procedure, the cards keep the high quality and strong marks as well. Nobody can see difference between our marked cards and the original ones.
Original Bee cards can be made into marked cards in our company. The marks on the back of the cards can not be seen by naked eyes. However, after wearing our IR contact lenses and sunglasses, you can see the marks clearly and easily. You don’t want to miss these amazing Marked Cards.
Kem Marked Cards are a kind of marked cards which are produced by our company. These cards are quite popular in Turkey, America and some Northwest European countries. Kem cards are one of the hardest cards to mark because of its complex figure on the cards back. But here in Golden Sunshine, we can mark them perfectly. You don’t want to miss them.
Aviator cards can be made into Aviator Marked Cards by our company. With special and unique invisible ink, the original cards can be marked without any damage. Our marked cards appear the same with the original cards except the invisible marks on their back. You can see the strong marks very easily once you wear our IR contact lenses and sunglasses.

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IR3 marked cards are the most advanced marked cards developed by Golden Sunshine

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