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After-sale service

Golden Sunshine is known for its luminous marked cards of high quality. What’s more, it is also known for its good after-sale service.

We are responsible for any of our customers. We will send out the goods that our customers that they have ordered from us as soon as possible, normally within 1-2 days. After we have sent out the packages, we will offer the buyers their tracking numbers to follow up the status of the packages no matter the packages are sent by EMS, UPS, DHL or TNT. If there is anything wrong with the package while in shipping, we will spare no time in communicating with the express companies and informing the receivers of the latest information. We will help solve the problems until the packages smoothly and safely arrive at the destinations.

Apart from shipping, Golden Sunshine is responsible for the quality of the marked cards they sell. If the customers are not satisfied with the cards bought from us, they can send us emails and tell us the problems. We will check it out. If the problem is really caused by our mistakes or flaws of products, we will do our part to fix them.

Purchase from Golden Sunshine, and your goods are guaranteed.

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