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Blog: Do you know IR marked cards? Which is a kind of special marked card, it is different from luminous marked cards, IR marked cards can't be detected by poker contact lenses or sunglasses, which only can be seen by a kind of special infrared camera. It is very safe to use!

Blog: A good attitude towards poker games is very important. There are few poker players can keep a good moody all the time in the game, no matter who are win or lose, he or she always can keep a general attitude, there is half success to play poker well. Besides, some poker players like using good quality high-tech poker devices to earn the other half success, like marked cards, contact lenses, scanning camera and poker analyzer and so on.

Blog: If you think that our marked cards and infrared contact lenses can not meet your needs. Then you can try our scanning camera and barcode marked cards. The camera can be installed into the phone,lighter,wallet and so on. All of them are commonly seen, no one will find something different. Finally, you can go freely during the poker games.

Blog: Our new customers always become our regular ones, for these years. It seems that they are hard to leave our marked playing cards. We can mark the poker cards perfectly, and it is appearance is actually same as the normal one. As for the bad quality marked poker cards, maybe you can see the invisible marks clearly, but the appearance is not the same as the normal, then you will be in dangerous.

Blog: As you know that the poker games are more and more popular these days, the rich men are in pursuit the higher quality of life, and they will spend their spare time on poker games. However, do you know that some of them like to make a fun at the poker game using the marked playing cards? It is very interesting if you have it to have a try. I am sure you will love our products for the good quality.