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Blog: You love someone. You give up the chance to go to a further study for him; you give up the chance to promote for him, and you even give him your future. This is the way you love him? Or you just lazy and do not want to take the responsibility to your life? 

You love you wife? You love your kids? You think with poker cheating devices that you do not need to work hard anymore? Perspective glasses and contact lenses can help you see the luminous marked deck, can help you win money from the gambling, but that is not a good and normal way to earn money to support your family s living.

Blog: Discovery law, look for the law, reveal the law, respect the law, and use law. You can live happier than the people who do not know the law, who do not understand the law, who do not respect he law, and who do not follow the law. 

It is like: everything that exist has its reason. If you use the luminous marked deck and invisible ink pen, you will win easier than the people do not use and more enjoy the poker game than them.

Blog: If you do not have a try, so how do you know you can not do it. Maybe you try to have a try, you really can do it. 

If you do not have a try the invisible ink playing cards with marked cards contact lenses, so how do you know you can not always win your most of the poker games. If you have a try, you will find you really can do it.

Blog: Many of us can not tell the difference between ideals and desires. Ideal is you will happy when you think about it. And desire is that you will be suffering when you think about it. 

When you use the fluoroscopic playing cards and infrared marked cards lenses, you are happy to win but not feel a strong desire for money, then it is a good thing. But if you are not happy after using these marked cards, it is time to relax.

Blog: If someone treat you with the way you do not like, that must because you permit it, or they can just do it one time. 

If you find someone using the luminous marked cards and UV sunglasses, you do not tell others players, that is mean you allow him using these poker cheating products. But will you play with him next time?