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Blog: Understand yourself is more important than to know others. The person who do not know who he is, will never know who are others people. 

And knowing about your ultimate marked deck and IR contact lenses are more important than knowing about how much others players win. For example, you should know what kind of marked cards you would prefer? Modiano or fournier? Which color of IR contact lenses is suitable for you? And what type of marks are more clear for you?

After you figure out all these questions, you will play well in a poker game.

Blog: There are just three days in our life. People who live in yesterday is confused; who live in tomorrow is waiting and people who living in today is most practical. You can never predict that accident tomorrow, which will come first. 

So what we can do is do our best to live today. Please remember: Today is always tomorrow for people who died yesterday. 

So if you want to play poker games, play it. If you want to buy invisible deck bicycle and invisible ink contact lenses, buy it. If you want to love someone, tell her. Today is important than yesterday and tomorrow.

Blog: We often dreaming and it is hard to wake up, we often in a daydreaming and it is difficult to make it come true. We always complain but we less to work hard, and we always do not have the courage to carry out our plans. 

Why you hesitate? You afraid to use the professional marked cards because you lack of confidence? You afraid of using luminous contact lenses because you worry about being found?

But, if you do not take a step, you will never success.

Blog: The greatest mistakes we make in our life are, we insist on what we should not, give up what we should persist. We can not figure out what should we insist on and what should be given up.

Sometime you will be affected by others opinion, you give up using paypal marked cards and luminous enhancing sunglasses. But what I want to say is insist on what you should insist.

Blog: If you are doing your best, you will not have to worry about failure.

If you use the best quality marked poker cards with invisible ink contact lenses, you will not have to worry about the loss of money.

If you have the best high-tech poker scanning system, you will not have to worry about your strong opponents. Do everything just try your best, you will get the best repay.