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Blog: I sat in the car, looking out the window, when the familiar gate gradually come into my eyes, silently I said: "Hey, long time no see." Last summer, flowers lingering, and you rush farewell in the June days. 

Since then, everything about you became memories, became those years. Now I start a new life, make some new friends and know something that never knew. UV marked cards lenses, ultimate marked deck and many others poker magic accessories. 

With the memories you gave me, I start a new life without you.

Blog: Let us take measure to banish some most common negative thoughts that many of us will repeat. If we always in a negative mood, our ability to love and happy will be destroy, because what you think will finally become self fulfilling. 

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Blog: When we look out into the distance, the nearby scenery will be neglected by us. 

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Blog: The most happiness in the world is extraordinary, the longest possession you can have is to cherish. 

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Just cherish what you have.