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Blog: Love should give us a sense of freedom, rather than a sense of confinement.

The reasons why marked cards in poker, luminous enhancing sunglasses and marked cards printers exist is that they give the poker players a sense of achievement, rather than a sense of compunction. 

Just enjoy the pleasure of winning in poker games.

Blog: Invisible ink is a special ink, you can use the invisible ink to mark the cards for infrared contact lenses, then you can use these invisible ink marked cards in poker games or poker tournament. 

Besides, you also can buy the poker cards printer to process the cards into marked cards. No matter which brand of poker cards you need, they all can be processed into marked cards, For example Copag marked cards deck, Modiano marked cards deck, Fournier marked cards deck, Bicycle marked cards deck, Aviator marked cards deck and so on.

Blog: I am sure that you must want to make some unique marks with your playing cards. 

Now we can provide you the invisible ink and you can design some marks that others can not understand. But you should know that the marks made by hand are different from the marks make by printer. And the hand made marks can maintain for 25min to 30min while the printed marks can maintain at least 2 years.  

And the last thing is that the IR invisible ink is in deep blue and the UV invisible ink is in red.

Blog: Beautiful things are more easily to cause others attention, and sometimes, it is not a good thing for you. 
For example, when you using the marked cards juice and glasses see invisible ink in a poker game, you will definitely do not want other players notice your magic poker articles. 
At such time, you should buy a very common appearance of marked playing cards and invisible ink contact lenses.

Blog: Infrared contact lenses is a kind of very good tool to protect yourself in poker games, if there are other poker players who use marked cards, when you wear the infrared contact lenses, you can see through the marked cards deck, so you can make wise decision.

High-quality infrared contact lenses can let you play poker cards easily, and then increase your chance of winning money.