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Copag 4-PIP Marked Cards

This 4PIP edition has a very special snowflake design. And the Ace of Spades features the new COPAG logo, which can be marked by our special and unique invisible ink. You can see the marked cards juice on the cards back clearly. That means you can know the cards’ number and suits before anyone else, which is greatly helpful for you to be the winner. If you need more details, just feel to let me know, we will send you the email soon.


1, 100% Plastic 4-PIP Jumbo Index-Wide Size (2½ x 3½)

2, 52 Cards+2 or 3 Jokers+1 Guarantee card

3, Card Size: 8.8*6.3cm (Standard Size for playing cards)

4, Color pattern on the back of cards: blue, red


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