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Fournier NO.1 Marked Cards

Fournier No. 1 juice playing cards belongs to Fournier cheating poker cards family. It is marked by our special and unique invisible ink. All of the marks (Number and Suit) are strong and deep into the texture of the cards. You can see marked cards juice clearly with our IR Contact Lenses and Poker Enhancing Sunglasses clearly, which can not be seen by naked eyes. Any question, just feel free to leave your message.


Fournier No. 1 Playing Cards feature:

1, Paper Material-Small index

2, 40/50 Cards+1 Guarantee Card

3, Card Size: 9.5*6.1cm (Standard size for Spanish playing cards)

4, Color pattern on the back of cards: red and blue

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IR3 marked cards are the most advanced marked cards developed by Golden Sunshine

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